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“The Jehova Waitresses’ ‘Red Sunsets’ was one of those early tunes that just blasted off from ‘The Inner Sanctum,’ ” said Johnson. The station already had music from several local bands in its rotation – which meant that no money from a label pushing its product – “and yes, that [expletive] does happen,” Johnson said. That, in turn, meant there was some resistance from station management.

“I remember Rick Michaels [the station’s program director at the time] actually throwing a folder off the wall after I played him this song [because] he knew we had to add it,” said Johnson.

Rick Michaels – wherever he is – might want to go looking for another folder to heave. The Waitresses have the new “Route 5” album, which came out in July, and another called “Uncountry” that’s ready for a rollout once enough time has passed, said Roy. 

– Chuck Yarborough 

Cleveland Scene


I was thinking about “Red Sunsets (Since You’ve Been Gone),” which got a lot of local airplay here in commercial radio in the mid-’90s. It was to me, the sound of a band getting somewhere and evolving into something that was really impressive.  – Matt Wardlaw 


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